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MaDar is a graduate of San Jose State University with degrees in Liberal Studies, Special Education, and Music.  She has been both a successful business owner and a special education teacher.  Her education, training, and life experience have given her a unique foundation for the work she does.

She is a spiritual teacher and counselor who is committed to living, teaching, and transmitting the wisdom and healing power of the heart. She teaches and counsels others on how to safely uncover unhealthy patterns of thought that may be causing self-destructive beliefs and behaviors.  She also teaches and counsels on how to accept and resolve uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, most of which are rooted in our past experiences.  MaDar also assists in helping people to make connections with current or past problems, experiences, or relationships in order to provide insights and motivation for change, growth, and self-awareness.

MaDar helps her clients to experience and understand that the intelligence of the consciousness of heart is undivided and unfragmented. The heart has the ability to provide a sense of personal safety, validation, and wholeness.  It harmonizes discord, unifies diversity, and attracts support.  She teaches that heart intelligence is the natural flow of awareness, understanding, and intuition we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart.  And, while we may be able to achieve many positive accomplishments through the mind, we will find that we may still feel a certain level of incompleteness.  Genuine fulfillment in life flows through the heart.

MaDar works with all who come to her seeking health, balance, wisdom, and a sincere desire to open to their own compassion and empowerment.  She works with professionals and non-professionals, in all fields, including law, health, education, and spirituality.  She has also worked in hospital and hospice environments providing healing and support for the sick, for those in transition, and for those who are grieving.



Trikaya studied Eastern Vedic knowledge with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and taught transcendental meditation for many years.  He also worked as a director of adult catechetics within the San Jose diocese. There he used his knowledge of meditation and spirituality to enliven the mystical tradition of the church within the adult religious education process.  With a degree in Organizational Behavior, he also helped AT&T develop a total quality program as a foundation for the restructuring the Pacific Sales Region from a monopoly to an effective and competitive telecommunications organization. 

As a spiritual teacher and councelor, Trikaya teaches that love is the power that unites heart and mind to awaken the fulfillment and creative power within us.  He believes that in order to truly be successful in any field of life, we must develop the qualities of the heart - of love, joy, connectedness, passion, and compassion.  He teaches and empowers all to overcome the limits of the personal fears and doubts that contain and isolate us.

Trikaya welcomes all who are genuinely interested in personal freedom and fulfillment.  He teaches that all that is necessary for anyone's growth is a sincere desire of the heart, and he guides all those he works with intuition, empathy, love, and compassion.

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