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Thank You Everyone

"We wish to thank all of you who so graciously took the time to share with us what has enriched your life during your time with us. We can only love and share what we know. We know that love changes lives, but we don't know how much until you share your experiences."

                                          MaDar and Trikaya

"Through MaDar's blessing, my heart has experienced a profound shift, a Union with All that is Love.  There is no greater work than this.  MaDar has challenged my false beliefs with such a loving joy that I have felt encouraged and supported to move through these places of separation into a greater expression of Wholeness.  Absolutely, the time I spend with MaDar is the most precious and has accelerated my growth and capacity for Love beyond my imagination." 

- Matece

"MaDar and Trikaya have helped me to experience the true meaning of love. Through their classes, sessions, and World Peace Meditations, I am learning to align myself with this presence. They teach through personal experience as well as sharing Truths of varying spiritual traditions.  They are true spiritual masters and have changed my life forever." 

-  A. Calderon, M.D.

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"My work with MaDar has been life-changing--thanks to her patience and (super-human) perseverance, my deep depressions are a thing of the past.  She is empowering me to leave the victim role behind, as well.  She is understanding, supportive and compassionate, and I am so grateful that I have been able to work with her." 

- CH

" MaDar and Trikaya take you on a journey to meeting your true Divine self. Along the way I was introduced to different aspects of my being. Light and shadow, and learned to love them all. As I have more compassion and love for myself, I now have more for others. 

Moving from fearful and angry toward loving and accepting, my life has been changing for the better.  I have received two promotions at work in an 8 month period. 

My relationship with my Mom is much better. I have discovered a relationship with God that I did not have before. My outlook on life has changed. Life is good!

I have heard it said before, change your beliefs/mind and your life will change. MaDar and Trikaya are there with you, in the muck as you discover the hidden treasure of love beneath it. Thus changing beliefs about life.  I cannot express in words the gratitude and love I have for them for their guidance on this journey.  For their willingness to serve humanity. They teach us to love and are the example to us. It is a blessing to be part of this spiritual community." 

- SM

"With their wisdom, power, and insight, MaDar and Trikaya have allowed me to experience love in its purest form. Until I met them, I hadn't understood that love strengthens and grounds us. Being in the presence of my teachers' love, has meant I've experienced enough safety to look at difficult emotions and distorted beliefs I've held about God, myself, and the world. In gaining clarity and insight, I too am more present and of better service to love. I am deeply grateful for all their teaching and guidance. Through it, I've been able to learn." 

- Kimberly

"Working with MaDar is a great pleasure and privilege. She is a uniquely gifted teacher with an energetic and inspirational approach to developing individual potential. If you're interested in personal growth, spiritual insight or love and happiness, I highly recommend getting to know MaDar." 

- MM

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