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Love as the Basis of Manifestation

It can be difficult to realize that we are not victims, we are not depressed, we have no cause to judge and no cause to anger. We are, in fact, co-creators. We manifest with every movement of mind, emotions and body. It is the reason it is said to "be the change you wish to see in the world." If you feel depressed, ask yourself what you would be doing if you weren't depressed? What would you like to do?

You see, we manifest from a field of all possibilities, a source field of consciousness. We have the free will to focus on anything. When we focus on something, a task, a feeling, a belief, whatever we give our attention to, the absolute begins to precipitate it - ask and you shall receive. If we become focused and absorbed in our fears, we will manifest fearful situations not only for ourselves, but for the collective.

All the zero point energy of our pure, unbounded awareness becomes concentrated into a manifestation. Yogananda expressed it as our focus "freezes the unmanifest" into form. Even if we wish to manifest peace, or live "in oneness with God," it is the focus we give to that that will manifest into form - our form ... the form we imagine it to be. Even our spiritual work, or any work for that matter, will create density, will manifest a form by focusing our attention and awareness.

The more intense our focus, the more dense the form. This is why we can be focused intently on something and not hear someone speak to us, or drive to a goal without feeling those around us, or even being annoyed by others.

The key lies in holding focus on the inspiration, or the purity of the desire. Hold it in the heart, not the mind. Be the change without demanding the change. This is the point of "yogastha kuru karmani." Yogastha implies established in Being. This concept is easier understood if we consider union as a field of Absolute Divine Love. When we deepen our definition of love to the level of union, we understand the value of the heart as the foundation of divine manifestation, or action in right alignment with love.

The heart can hold the mind. The mind cannot hold the heart. The mind can open to the heart, but that is a matter of transcendence from the boundaries of the conceptual mind into the unbounded awareness of the heart.

Maharishi always said that "the heart is the filter of the absolute." He also said that to manifest from love we simply set a heart's desire and then take action without concern for the outcome. The desire becomes seeded in the zero point field because the heart is always connected to the field of all possibilities. The deeper the desire is held in love, the faster the desire will precipitate out of the collective consciousness.

So, bottom line, if you focus on Love by loving God, opening to God's Love for you, and following your heart's desire in loving service to others, love will dissolve anger, depression, fear, and judgement and transform them into your heart's fulfillment.

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