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Much To Do About Nothing

Love is much more than an emotion. Even to say it is a state of consciousness is not enough. I guess you could say that it is the evolutionary life force giving birth to itself, but then that invites you into the mind's wanderings. Waking up from a sense of separateness is good, but then again, what does that mean. Right?

Love is both an experience and a knowing. We can know that Love is all, and that it unifies, harmonizes and attracts, but once we have the experience of it, our knowing is complete. It becomes a reality. So much so, that any experience that we may have is always a part of the whole.

We don't need religion to Awaken. We just need to stop chasing something that only exists in our fantasies, or to let go of something we have been carrying as a burden from the past. Yes, I guess it is just another way of saying what Ram Das might say - just "be here now."

The universe is unfolding and we are unfolding with it. It's becoming aware of Itself as we become aware of our Self. It is not our job to save the world. It is our job to BE in the world, and to participate in the world of change.

Love does not cling. Love always gives birth to a greater Love. Everyone has their own learning on this plan. It is not meant for us to steal their learning from them, or to think that we need them, or they need us, for survival. It is the universe's plan, not ours. We are only meant to be God's Presence, to Love what is, not to fix what is.

So what do all these words mean? Not much. Be in the world like you would be in nature, in the wilderness or the woods. Be with another like you would be with a puppy, in the present and in wonder.

We are never alone. It is simply a matter of getting out of your head and loving what is. When we find our Self, we find each other's Self and realize we are all the same. And, that sameness is Love in Action. Fear flows into the ocean of Love and becomes Love's increasing Presence.

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