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Othering and Oneing

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

There is a difference between Pure Love and emotional love. Pure Love, or True Love, is an unconditional state of consciousness, not an emotional reactionary condition. True Love is inclusive, connected, affirming, and always safe. True Love offers an interconnected state of being. The traditional names for this consciousness include Unity Consciousness, Mystical Union, Samadhi, Awakened, and Oneness, etc.

True Love is always inclusionary. Within True Love, we are all brother's and sisters. The saying that "It takes a village" is an expression of the nature of true love. If any one of us has to live in fear, we all live in fear. If any one of if us is suffering, we all suffer. In True Love, we all belong to one another.

Othering is the first step in oppression. Once we identify others as somehow separate from ourselves, it is easy to say that we are not responsible for others, or accountable for our actions against others. Social bypass is a powerful way of othering. It is easy to love others in our own image.

Othering is also a way to emotionally bypass our own pain. When we declare that pain and suffering are not a part of us and should not be engaged, we separate ourselves from our self and no longer feel that we need to take responsibility for our own pain. The end result of this is that we bypass our own responsibility and project our bypassed pain out onto others

It requires Oneing, not Othering, to feel our brother's and sister's pain and suffering as our own. When we do, we begin to seek ways to insure safety, connectedness, and validation for others. We seek loving forgiveness for the pain we have brought to others and for the painful parts of ourselves we have abandoned. Emotional bypass and social bypass do not exist within a loving environment.

If spirituality for us is about love and happiness, Oneing opens us to love and happiness for all. If we have caused someone harm, love is quick to seek forgiveness, not only for our self, but from the ones we have harmed. This is because, in Oneness, self and other are all the same.

MaDar and I teach the Trinity of Love First, Love in self, and Love in all other, because within this Trinity, the parts are all One. And in this Oneness, dwells the Heart of God. Opening to God's Love is good. Realizing God's Love for us is also good. However, when we open to God's Love for all others, we enter into an Awakening within the Heart of God where loving kindness, compassion, and caring uplifts us all.

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