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The Ashvattha Tree: the Tree of Life

The Ashvattha Tree

You rooted me not in the earth but in Your heavenly home You watered me with Your Grace and nurtured me to bear Your fruit upon Your earth

I am Your Creation bearing the Fruit of You seeding Your Creation with Your Love One of many trees from the One Love becoming Love

The symbolic Tree of Life is an example of how similar symbology shows up in different traditions. At times, it is depicted with its roots in heaven, and at other times, it is depicted with its roots in the earth. The Jewish Star of David consists of upward and downward pointing triangles. It can be considered to be an abstract representation of both depictions of the Tree of Life.

The poem above is an attempt to capture a living relationship between the Divine in Spirit and in form. Initially, the seed of creation dwells within the Creator. When it awakens, it grows in two directions. Its roots draw nourishment from the Heaven of the Creator while its branches spread and growth into the manifest creation. The seeds of the Tree, take root within the manifest and spreads its branches back toward heaven reaching toward the Light from which it came.

Deep within the Tree of Life is the understanding that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The seed of our soul (Atman) is rooted in the Divine (Brahman) creative source of all creation. Our connectedness to the Divine provides us with Manna from Heaven to grow and bear the fruit of Creation as an offering to the Creator.

When we establish ourselves, rooted in both Heaven and earth, we achieve balance and fulfillment in Life. This ultimately requires that we re-establish our selves in the Divine, which is the source we came from. We then find that our earthly forms only dance to the Song of Life that flows from the Home in which we dwell.

If you would wish a deeper understand of this, while in meditation state "I call forth The Tree of Life within Me," and then breath in the shifts that it brings to you. Let it bring you a deeper experience and understanding.

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