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The Consciousness of Love

Updated: Apr 11

Love is not an emotion. It is a unified state of consciousness that is pure and clear seeing. Love is not defined by our sense of self; Love is not self-ish. It is a unified state of conscious awareness that realizes we exist as a part of a whole. Love does not judge. It simply recognizes, discerns, and makes choices within a unified whole.

Love understands that our ego is only a part of the whole that we have isolated and claimed for ourselves. Love understands that we have to become “judgmental” in order to judge another that we see as separate from ourselves. It understands that we have to become “anger” in order to project anger onto another. It also understands that we have to become “less than” in order to see others less than or better than ourselves. What the consciousness of Love understands is that we are not individuals separate from others. Love knows that we are only an individualized expression of Love’s universal all-inclusive consciousness.

The consciousness of Love is heart connected and heart felt. This is the reason that within the Consciousness of Love lies clarity, discernment, compassion, wisdom, and right action. Love’s wisdom is not gained through study. It is gained through the experience of connectedness and fulfillment. The consciousness of Love brings to self the greatest joy. The experience of Love allows us to discern between loving action and unloving action. We experience that loving action brings peace and joy, and that unloving action brings suffering and toxicity. Given the clarity of choice between loving and unloving, it is in our nature to choose peace and joy.

Love’s consciousness holds for us the understanding that the highest form of spirituality is not the pursuit personal power, control, or exclusively. Love’s consciousness brings to us the deepest sense of peace, connectedness, safety, joy, and fulfillment. In order to enter into the Consciousness of Love, we must love others and ourselves with a love that is greater than our judgments or fears. We must be present to them where they are, and love them wholly. Inherent is the Consciousness of is understanding and compassion. Love is never earned. It can only be bestowed.

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